A major breakthrough in fuel oil treatment
manufactured solely by: IVESCO

Serving the industry and the environment

We are pleased to present to our customers this new web site about CATAPHORE. In elaborating it, a great emphasis has been placed upon results achieved by our customers. Also included, are several A.S.T.M. Test Reports highlighting CATAPHORE's technical capabilities and establishing its credibility as an unmatched fuel oil treatment.

In an energy conservation era, it is highly important to find new ways of squeezing the most out of every drop of fuel consumed. This is exactly what CATAPHORE offers to its customers : savings on fuel consumption, increased efficiency, reduction of labour and maintenance costs and less pollutant emissions. CATAPHORE has proved to be a reliable and economical fuel oil treatment. It homogenizes bunker and light fuel oil for a better atomization, therefore, triggering better combustion results.

A report on atomization (U.S. bureau of mining 5113) on heavy fuel the atomization is increased "7 times" for a complete combustion, thus a clear stack. CATAPHORE will reduce the fuel consumption by 5%; a 1 and 1/2% saving pays for the product, plus a reduction of parts, labour & maintenance cost.

CATAPHORE fuel treatment represents "the most advanced state that modern technology has devised". CATAPHORE can bring about substantial improvements in pre-combustion, combustion and post-combustion areas. Why shouldn't you give it a try? CATAPHORE is a sound investment. Our specialists will be pleased to see you improving the actual performance of your equipment.

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