What is Cataphore?

  • Cataphore is a major breakthrough in fuel oil treatment.
  • Cataphore reduces the interfacial tension of the heavy fuel and light fuel.
  • Cataphore reduces the viscosity in shear of both fuel oil.
  • Cataphore homogenizes the heavy fuel for smoother operation (Liquid only) (no more semi solid).
  • Cataphore reduces heavy fuel consumption by about 5%; a 1.5% saving pays for Cataphore fuel treatment.
  • The dosage of Cataphore depends on the amount of asphaltenes, water, vanadium, sulphur and sodium.
  • The normal dosage is 1 part of Cataphore for 10,000 of Heavy Fuel Oil.
CATAPHORE is not to be compared to any solvent or even to any additive. CATAPHORE IS A FUEL OIL TREATMENT COMPOUND TOTALLY ORGANIC. CATAPHORE is a semi-polar active organic compound especially synthetized to minimize sludging and overcome incompatibility in residual and diesel fuel operations. Basically, CATAPHORE is a t' synthetized molecule of aliphatic and cyclic amines that acts as AN HOMOGENIZER AND A DEMULSIFIER. CATAPHORE removes residues which adhere to solid surfaces. CATAPHORE molecules are available in abundance. 1 LITRE OF CATAPHORE CONTAINS 1024 molecules. All those active molecules help keep asphaltenes in suspension in the fuel oil. It comes in an EASY TO USE LIQUID product designed specifically for bunker and diesel fuel oil operations. IT CONTAINS NO METALS and POSSESSES EXCELLENT SELF-DISPERSANT PROPERTIES, eliminating the need for complicated dosage equipment. CATAPHORE IS CHEMICALLY STABLE AND PRESENTS NO STORAGE PROBLEMS. It does not freeze in cold weather, nor does it decompose during storage.

As a fuel treatment compound (ASHLESS STABILIZER PACKAGE), CATAPHORE acts in residual and diesel oil as an homogenizer in dissolving solids in suspension in fuel oil as well as by reducing the interfacial tension in fuel oil. CATAPHORE causes a physical rather than a chemical reaction when added to oil and therefore does not change the chemistry of the treated fuel. In fact, CATAPHORE's fuel treatment represents "THE MOST ADVANCED STATE THAT MODERN TECHNOLOGY HAS DEVISED".(1)

(1) "Optimising the performance of fuel treatment materials", Ing. Z. Polak, reprinted from "The Motor Ship", Vol 53, page 165, July 1972.

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